South Louisiana is known for a few things; its love for food religion & family, rich culture, Cajuns, and its Oil and Gas expertise.  You can travel the world with the Oil and Gas industry and you would likely find a Louisiana native in your midst.  All you have to do is find the person laughing out loud, talking with their hands, or stirring a pot of food.

Our passion for hard work and pride in our products are what set us apart. As a locally-owned small business, we put our customers first and foremost.  At the end of every day we humbly thank them for the blessing and the ability to provide for our families.

The Nexus team is comprised of design engineers, project managers, technicians, and jack-of-all trades.  Our focus is to deliver superior and quality products that include hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics, software, or all of the above.  From concept to commissioning, we have you covered.

I started this company to have a workplace that I enjoyed every day.  In order to make that happen, I’ve filled our team with genuinely good-hearted people that care about each other, the projects we engage it, and the customers we serve.  My hope is that we can continue our growth, year after year, to provide opportunities for others to join us and to provide for their families.


Jason David